Why I’m Running

Why I’m Running

I have dedicated my life to serving my country and community. When I retired from the Army in 2015, returning to Oklahoma was always on my mind. It’s where I met my wife, where I formed lifelong friendships, and where I have worked on the land and in our schools since retiring from the military. The call to service is truly ingrained in my soul. The challenges facing our district today require bold leadership. If we do not fundamentally alter the direction we are taking, it will adversely impact us for generations to come

I am pledging to lead with character, selfless service, and civility, and as one of my Army unit’s motto’s states, “Deeds, not Words”, I am driven by this every day the sun rises over Eastern Oklahoma. In a place where a handshake still means something, it’s time for leadership that reflects the values so many of us hold dear It’s time to end the era of hyper-partisanship. It’s time to regain the ideals we share as Oklahomans which reflect how we treat each other within our communities. And it’s time for leadership that replaces empty rhetoric with work focused on making things better for everyone here in Oklahoma.

Lines of Effort

Regaining Our Prosperity

Revitalizing rural economies and increasing business development to energize our economy and build resiliency. Building next generation infrastructure to allow us to compete and WIN within today’s global market. Attracting businesses that offer jobs where our people can earn an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work is essential to our future success.

Taking Care of Our People

We need leaders like Clay who will fight every day to protect the Social Security and Medicare benefits you’ve earned. Access to and affordability in healthcare is failing in Eastern Oklahoma. Too often, the first consideration when seeking medical care is one's bank account. We can and must do better. Supporting tribal economic development is fundamental in providing opportunities for both tribal members and our states – we should embrace ways to enhance the effectiveness of these programs.

Maintaining Our Security

For 22 years, Clay swore an oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic – it still resonates today. The threats facing our Nation and communities today are complex and demand leaders experienced in the complex geopolitical environment. Clay sees the opioid crisis not as a faceless threat, but as an endemic disease hurting our neighbors, families, and community, that require practical and humane solutions.

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